Busch Garden Williamsburg

Vacation Package to Busch Garden Williamsburg, Virginia

Busch Garden Williamsburg is an action-packed, European-theme park with 17th century charm and 21st century technology, boasting more than 100 acres of unparalleled fun and adventure for the entire family.

  • Busch Garden Williamsburg Voted the world's "Most Beautiful" and "Favorite" theme park
  • Six beautifully landscaped countries
  • Home to the world's top-rated roller coasters
  • More than 40 thrilling rides and attractions
  • Eight main stage shows
  • Wide variety of award-winning cuisine and world-class shops

This Williamsburg action-packed Busch Garden theme park provides thrills and chills with attractions designed for kids of all ages.

Popular with the entire family since Busch Garden opened in 1996, the "Wilde Maus" roller coaster is a colorful and dynamic ride which simulates the motion of a mouse through a maze. Located in the Oktoberfest hamlet, the Wilde Maus originally debuted as "Wilde IZZY" in celebration of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games.

"Land of the Dragons," is a colorful, musical adventure area designed with younger guests in mind. This unique attraction features a three-story treehouse inhabited by Busch Gardens' resident dragon "Dumphrey" and his delightful dragon friends. Dumphrey, Gordon the Dragon and Sir Bumbley the Knight perform at A Dragon’s Tale each day at the children’s theater.

Other unique elements of this attraction include a mini-flume ride, dragon-themed mini-ferris wheel, ball crawls and slides in addition to a net climb and children's theatre.

Not far from the Land of the Dragons, children's laughter can be heard over the rushing water of the turbulent "Roman Rapids" or the fiery water expedition of "Escape From Pompeii."

Other family attractions include the "Le Mans Raceway" auto course, "Der Autobahn" bumper cars, and "The Big Bad Wolf" -- a thrilling suspended roller coaster.

Young guests will discover how adventurous and exciting learning can be at Busch Gardens. Children can experience the gentleness of the world-famous Clydesdales, the majesty of an American bald eagle or the playfulness of a colorful macaw.

Through up-close encounters with magnificent raptors and exotic birds at the park’s "World of Birds" show, children gain a greater understanding and appreciation for wildlife. In addition, five American bald eagles make their home in "Eagle Canyon," a natural habitat for injured birds of prey. Each of these striking birds represent the need to conserve and protect wildlife and habitats.

From the educational to the entertaining, from the fascinating to the thrilling, Busch Gardens Williamsburg offers an adventure the whole family will enjoy.



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Vacation Package to Busch Garden Williamsburg, Virginia

Busch Garden Williamsburg


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